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Awards & Testimonials

"Please let me take this opportunity to thank Napa Recycling & Waste
Services, CRC Computer Recycling Center, .....................the County of Napa and my City of Napa recycling staff for all of their hard work and efforts to make this year's event another successful effort. To the best of our knowledge, Napa's event is again the highest per capita collection event in the State of California so far this year."

Kevin Miller, City of Napa

Environmental Award from U.S. Congressman Mike Thompson presented to Steven Wyatt at CRC Computer Recycling Center.  CRC REuses computers and electronics, donating them to many social and community programs and REuse keeps them out of the wastestream. For eight years we have collected eWaste or Electronc Watste at all of Mikes events in the seven counties from the Oregon Border to Sacramento.  During this time we have collected over One-Million, One-Hundred eighteen Thousand Pounds just at Mikes events (1,118,000 lbs).  Our Congratulations to the residents and businesses of California US Congressional District number One, and number Five.


Laptop, Computer, Monitor, TV, and Network / Telephone / Test equipment, computer parts, cable & wire, motherboards / PC cards and memory, Hard Drives, and industrial AND HOME electronics.


10+ computers or monitors, or 2+ working laptops, and business pickups arranged for other electronic equipment - anything with a plug!