Computer Recycling Center - Laptops Wanted


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   1-88-88-used PC

"LAPTOPS WANTED - DEAD OR ALIVE". We pay your ground shipping cost to Donate laptops - Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10 AND Apple Mac Book and Mac Book Pro (2009 - 2016)  We also accept Mac Book Air and iPads. Wrap your laptop with BUBBLE wrap (OR crumpled Newspaper) all the way around, and stuff enough bubble wrap (OR Newspaper) at each corner in the box, to protect the corners. PLEASE put ac adaptors, spare batteries, accessories, etc. away from the scrren UNDER THE LAPTOP ; never over the screen because it can damage the screen. If you remove the hard drive, be sure to put the tray and any connector/cable back in the laptop! Send via ground - US Post Office Flat-Rate-Box Prority Mail, UPS Brown or FEDEX Green ground- to 3227 Santa Rosa Ave, Santa Rosa, CA 95407. We will send a check to reimburse the shipping cost and a receipt for your laptop. Include your return address and the receipt for shipping cost.  We will also accept loose internal laptop parts and power supplies.

Older laptops may be sent for environmental recycling and we will send a receipt for the laptop and shipping fees (no reimbursement).

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Laptop, Computer, Monitor, TV, and Network / Telephone / Test equipment, computer parts, cable & wire, motherboards / PC cards and memory, Hard Drives, and industrial AND HOME electronics.


10+ computers or monitors, or 2+ working laptops, and business pickups arranged for other electronic equipment - anything with a plug!