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Computer Recycling Center™ promotes the highest and best re-use of computer and electronic equipment, and recyclesunusable items to keep them out of landfills. CRC donates computers to Computers & Education™ for use in public charity and community programs.

April  2013, Programs in San Francisco, Santa Rosa, and Sunnyvale.  Collection events sponsored through out California.  Business pickups and shipping programs. 

WE REuse FIRST, and Recycle Second, Electronics working AND non-working.

PHONE: San Francisco - 415.643.6200, North Bay - 707.570.1600, Penninsula/South Bay - 408.327.1800, Toll-Free in California 1-88-88-used PC 

FREE Business pickups for 10+ computers or monitors, or 1+ working laptops.  Business pickups arranged for other electronic equipment - anything with a plug! (Please fill out Business picup request form- top of this page, blue balloon)

FREE Drop-off: ALL Electronics, including Laptop, Computer, Monitor, TV, and Network / Telephone / Test equipment, computer parts, cable & wire, motherboards / PC cards and memory, Hard Drives, and industrial AND HOME electronics.

FREE shipping for laptops (we pay ground shipping costs) see paragraph below.

We accept EVERYTHING with a Plug, plus Appliances; NO REFRIGERATOR/AIR COND.  We also accept home electronics, stereos, VCR / DVD players, cell phones, and hand-held electronics. NO batteries, NO tapes, NO floppys, NO home made CDs / DVDs.  BUSINESSES: We take digital tapes, telephones, and office equipment.

Charge for Printers, Copiers, UPS backups over 100 LBS. Small charge covers cost of environmental recycle. FREE if new-in-box and can be REused.

101-150 lb. =$40.     151-250 lb. =$100.     251+ lb.+ =Quote 

 Drop-Off Locations  

   Santa Rosa 3227 Santa Rosa Ave                                                                                                  (Daily) Tues - SAT 9am-5PM   Click here

         San Francisco Marina Green:   

  SAT  April 27, 2013 9am-1pm   Click here

San Francisco #2 Embarcadero:

Thursday May 16, 2013  10am - 2pm

San Francisco Giants AT&T Park, To Be Announced  Click here

Sunnyvale - Special Events and locations, To be Announced Clickhere


Special Events -

SAN FRANCISCO EARTH DAY drop off event downtown at the corner of Fulton and Larkin across from the Library and EARTHDAY SF event.  Look for the big white truck with banners from 8am to 2PM This Saturday 4/20. Congratulations !!!

Special Event info Click here

Pollution Prevention Awareness

REusing electronics instead of end-of-life recycling, reduces pollution!  Call us to schedule a FREE collection event at your buisness for your equipment, OR for your employees to bring unused electronics to work to drop-off.    Caifornia toll-free, 1-88-88-usedPC [1-888-887-3372]   

Awards & Testimonials

ANNUAL City of Napa (and County) Collection Event June 12/13, 2011.

Collected by city/county=59+ tons 2011; 56+ tons 2010; 62+ tons in 2009;65+ tons in 2008.

REuse of electronics by CRC and CFS= 2+ tons 2011; 5+ tons 2010; 7+ tons in 2009;4+ tons in 2008.

"Please let me take this opportunity to thank Napa Recycling & Waste
Services, the Computer Recycling Center, .....................the County
of Napa and my City of Napa recycling staff for all of their hard
work and efforts to make this year's event another successful effort.
To the best of our knowledge, Napa's event is again the highest per
capita collection event in the State of California so far this year." -

Kevin Miller, City of Napa

Environmental Award from U.S. Congressman Mike Thompson presented to Wyatt of Computer Recycling Center.  CRC REuses computers and electronics, donating them to many social and community programs and REuse keeps them out of the wastestream. For eight years we have collected eWaste or Electronc Watste at all of Mikes events in the seven counties from the Oregon Border to Sacramento.  During this time we have collected over One-Million, One-Hundred eighteen Thousand Pounds just at Mikes events (1,118,000 lbs).  Our Congratulations to the residents and businesses of California US Congressional District number One.  We look forward to serving the new District number Five starting in January 2013.


Santa Rosa CRC-Computer Repair Center FULL Service Laptop/Computer Repair, 9am-5PM Tuesday though Saturday, at 3227 Santa Rosa Ave. - 707.528.8340.
Laptops & Desktops MAC & PC, Flat panels, ON SALE Tues-Sat, 9am-5PM.
Inventory changes daily.

"Saturday Sale" in Santa Rosa; odds & ends, misc. electronics, home electronics, computers, & TV's for sale to the public.  Inventory changes weekly; drop in and purchase used and new-old-stock items. 

Drop-Off: ALL computers and electronics - working and nonworking: Computers, Network, Telephone, Cellphone, Office Electronics, Industrial Electronics, warehouse overstocks of parts & equipment , TVs, cable, circuit boards, batteries. (Recycling for Computers, Laptops, Electronics, eWaste, and eRecycling) Scrap computers and parts are reduced to recyclable metal, plastic, P.C.Board, and cable and GREEN environmentally recycled.  Electronics Recycling AND Computer Recycling

NO: We do NOT take:

No Refrigerators, Freezers, and appliances with FREON.  No chemicals wet or dry and No Styrofoam, cardboard, or paper. Please recycle paper and cardboard through curbside recycling.  Recycle chemicals at county/city toxic cleanup days. NO BATTERIES or media (tapes/CD's).  Batteries must have tape over the positive pole and may be dropped off at hardware stores.  Media may be put in zip lock bags and placed in your recycling bin. Compact flourescent & other bulbs may be recycled at hardware stores.

Business Pickups: If you have 1+ working laptop, or 10+ computers or monitors you may request a FREE business pickup. We also accept electronic parts, cable, circuit boards, heat sinks, etc.  We give first priority to REusing your equipment, and we provide Electronic Recycling for unusable equipment for most items with a battery or plug. Large and oversized items require special pickups and addtional charges.

See "For Business Pickups Click Here" at the top of this page
or call toll-free 1-88-88-usedPC(1-888-887-3372).

FREE Stuff for teachers and nonprofits: for the price of shipping!
When companies donate new items that we can distribute for free, we will make these items available to teachers and nonprofits for FREE.  You pay the shipping and we will send "it".  We will post here, items we can distribute FREE.  Please check this space!
 For available computers, please see "apply for a computer", above. click here

REUSE PROGRAMS to Foster Youth and their families!
We offer computers to CASA local programs for Foster Youth and Families, and to city and county agencies for low-income home-bound elderly.  We will coordinate a program for your volunteer to refurbish the computer you wish to give out to your client.  Teachers- you can also coordinate to refurbish a computer for your classroom.  Please note: we do not deal with your clients, only your agency.  Contact CRC at 707.570.1600.  You will be directed to Information is on this website.

Laptops (Windows XP, Vista, 7 and Apple iBooks and MAC books) and flat panel displays - can be REused if working, and we work to repair all nonworking laptops for REuse.  All older laptops and parts that can not be reused are ENVIRONMENTALLY GREEN REcycled (Electronic Recycling) by Computer Recycling in California. In the U.S.A. Send your laptops to our program "LAPTOPS WANTED, DEAD OR ALIVE" We Pay Your shipping cost to send us your laptops and laptop parts.Click here!


HOW MUCH? How many computers and monitors and TV's and electronics..... are discarded, thrown away, hidden away in closets, garages, basements....etc.

U.S. EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) - Reports that 3 Million pounds PER DAY of electronics and computer equipment is taken out-of-service.

The U.S. EPA has added a "REuse calculator" to thier website to show how much in earth-resources are SAVED every time we REUSE a computer system. Resources include WATER, ENERGY, and everything else going into the products that make up the computer system. SAVE $ 670.00 in earth natural resources REusing a computer system instead of end-of-life recycling. Keep the earth GREEN, reduce greenhouse gasses/emissions, keep water CLEAN and protect our planet from trash and polution. Find out more at

TV's - SVTC Silicon Valley Toxics Coalition reports that Consumers Union estimates 10,000,000 (ten-million) analog TV's will be recycled in California!  CRC estimates over one-hundred million (100,000,000 in the USA)
California SB20/50, the California "2003 Electronics Recycling Act" adds a fee when purchasing a 'covered electronic waste' (CEW) item, currently a TV, computer Monitor, or DVD player with a screen larger than 7" diagonally measured. Computer Recycling Center is registered with the DTSC California Dept. of Toxic Substances and the CALRecycle electronics recycling program collects SB20/50 items.

Used computers/electronics still have value to people that can't afford new
We don't need to throw stuff away just cause we don't want it or don't use it.  Put your used electronics to work as a valuable resource in the community! If you don't want it anymore and it works, someone else may want it. If it doesn't work, someone may be willing to fix it and use it!  Check your STATE website for REuse programs.
"It's not all eWaste; MORE than 62% of all the computers laptops monitors and flat panels we REuse with some repair and refurbishment!  Thats a lot of electronics that ARE NOT disposed of", says Wyatt at Computer Recycling Center. Thanks for doing your part to REuse FIRST, and then recycle!

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(click city names or scroll down for more information):
Santa Rosa, San Francisco

Santa Rosa (707) 570-1600

Address: 3227 Santa Rosa Avenue, 95407
Drop-Off Hours:
(Daily) TUES - SAT  9am - 5:00


Directions: US 101 to Hearn Ave. exit. TURN RIGHT on Santa Rosa Ave. (south) We are 1 mile on right side after the new building for RCU Auto Services. We are the first building on the right, down the driveway.
LIMIT: No Limit, Please Call to inform us when you have 15+ monitors/computers/large items.

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San Francisco (415) 643-6200

LOCATION 1: Marina Green,
300 Marina Blvd in the Marina Green Parking Lot, across from Safeway
Directions: Marina Blvd. to Buchanan St., Fort Mason entrance, across from Safeway.  Enter Pkg lot at Marina Blvd. & Buchanan, and turn LEFT, away from Ft. Mason. Follow the green & orange traffic cones to the Large Box Truck.
Dates: SAT April 27, 2013 9am-1pm

NO LIMIT Monitors, TV, computers, laptops

Limit 2 printer/fax, NO item over 90 pounds, NO copiers.

(FREE business pickup, 10+ monitor or CPU)

LOCATION 2: AT&T Park (3rd St Parking lot)
Directions: To Be Announced
Date: 2012 - To Be Announced

NO LIMIT Monitors, TV, computers, laptops

Limit 2 printer/fax, NO item over 90 pounds. NO copiers.

(FREE business pickup 10+ monitor or CPU)

LOCATION 3: #2 Embarcadero - Davis St.  (between Clay St. and Sacramento St.)
Directions: Clay or Washington to Davis St. (between Clay and Sacramento) Curbside drop-off, after the garage entrance and before the crosswalk.
Date: Thurs May16,  2013 10am-2pm

NO LIMIT Monitors, TV, computers, laptops

Limit 2-printer/fax, NO item over 90 pounds. NO copiers.

(FREE business pickup 10+ monitor or CPU)

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Sunnyvale CA  (408) 327 -1800

Location 4:


 Sunnyvale, California

Drop-off events staged at business locations in Santa Clara County. Our Former Sunnyvale location is NO longer open to the public - Our trucks make business pickups.

Phone: 408.327.1800

Dates To Be Announced


Limit: No limit on TV's, Monitors & complete Computers, Laptops, LCD screens, servers; LIMIT 2 printer/fax, NO item over 90 pounds. NO copiers.

(FREE business pickup for laptops, or 10+ monitor, CPU or servers)

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Special Drop-off Events

SAN FRANCISCO EARTH DAY drop off event downtown at the corner of Fulton and Larkin across from the Library and EARTHDAY SF event.  Look for the big white truck with banners from 8am to 2PM  on SATURDAY April 20th. 

More Coming! 

FREE drop off, NO LIMIT for TV's, Monitors, Computers, Laptops, and computer parts. Sorry, NO washer/ dryer/ stove/ refrigerator.

Business Pickups

If you have problems sending us the completed form by pressing the button on the website to "send", Please do NOT fax the request form (it is too difficult to read) - email our Admin Assistant Nancy at and please include an inventory or attach a document or spreadsheet with descriptions of your items.  Thanks.

If your business has 1+ working laptops, 5+ working computers, or 10+ items (computers/monitors/laptops) please request a business pickup with the "business pickup request" form (b.p.u.r. form). We will reserve space on the truck for ALL items you list on the form, including keyboards, mice, cables, external devices, etc. Special arrangements are made for oversized items, items needing a liftgate, and items requiring 2 or more persons to move, ie: large copiers, servers, UPS, large printers & plotters, etc. A FEE APPLIES to oversized items based on size, weight, type of equipment, and location. Please fill out the b.p.u.r. form and we will contact you within 2 business days of receiving it to confirm receipt, and to discuss scheduling a pickup.

USED Copiers and UPS over 250 lbs. - we charge the same rate as a moving company for pickup and transportation, plus recycling fees.  NEW IN THE BOX current models that can be REUSED; there is NO recycling charge and NO pickup fee.  If you have a mix, there is a pickup and recycling charge on the used equipment.  Please fill out the "business pickup request" form. We will contact you to coordinate a pickup date and details. You may also call toll-free 1-88-88-usedPC (1-888-887-3372) and we will take your information over-the-phone.

IT IS ILLEGAL to trash electronics in dumpsters and garbage cans. Please Recycle!

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DESTROY your HARDDRIVE DATA - WE SUGGEST THAT YOU WIPE YOUR HARD DRIVE. If we reuse your harddrive, we use DISK WIPE software to overwrite the HDD. We SHRED all other harddrives for metals recycling. Click on our Newsletter for info about destroying your personal info on your HDD.

"LAPTOPS WANTED - DEAD OR ALIVE". We pay your ground shipping cost to Donate laptops - Window XP, Vista, and 7 AND Apple iBook and MAC books. Wrap your laptop with BUBBLE wrap (OR crumpled Newspaper) all the way around, and stuff enough bubble wrap (OR Newspaper) at each corner in the box, to protect the corners. PLEASE put ac adaptors, spare batteries, accessories, etc. UNDER THE LAPTOP ; never over the screen because it can damage the screen. If you remove the hard drive, be sure to put the tray and any connector/cable back in the laptop! Send via ground - US Post Office Flat-Rate-Box Prority Mail, UPS Brown or FEDEX Green ground- to 3227 Santa Rosa Ave, Santa Rosa, CA 95407. We will send a check to reimburse the shipping cost and a receipt for your laptop. Include your return address and the receipt for shipping cost. If it is a newer WORKING laptop, we are happy to pay the additional shipping charges if you over-pack it! We will also accept loose internal laptop parts and power supplies.

Older laptops may be sent for environmental recycling and we will send a receipt for the laptop and shipping fees (no reimbursement).

Reuse Programs - CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocates) working with Foster Youth and Families can request a laptop, and, Human Services Agencies working with  Disabled Home Bound Elderly, can request a desktop computer for a client. Please send your request on letterhead to CRC Computer Repair Center, 3227 Santa Rosa Ave., Santa Rosa, CA 95407 (do not send any money). Deliveries are on an ongoing basis and you will be required to pay for the shipping costs.  YOU MUST HAVE VOLUNTEERS TO PROVIDE SERVICE and assistance to your clients for a minimum of 1 year for the laptop or desktop computer.  CRC ONLY provides computer hardware.

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