Business Pickups

Business Pickups

If you have problems sending us the completed form by pressing the button on the website to "send", Please send all the requested information in an email to "" and please include an inventory or attach a document with descriptions of your items and include pictures of your load. This helps us understand the size of truck (or space on the truck) needed for your load, and how many people are needed to make the pickup. Thanks.

If your business has 2+ working laptops, or 5+ working all in one computers, please request a business pickup with the "business pickup request" form.  Please fill out the business pickup request form and we will contact you within 4 business days of receiving it to confirm receipt, and to discuss scheduling a pickup.  Most pickups of computers are Free, no charge.

DESTROY your HARDDRIVE DATA. Click here for details.

"LAPTOPS WANTED - DEAD OR ALIVE". We pay your ground shipping cost to Donate laptops. Click here for details.

Your Computer Equipment may have HAZARDOUS or TOXIC materials inside, or batteries, and IT IS ILLEGAL to trash electronics in dumpsters and garbage cans. Please Recycle responsibly and correctly.  Know who you recycle with!

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