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We Are Currently Accepting:

  • Apple/Mac 2015 and newer laptops
  • Apple/Mac all-in-one computers 2017 and newer
  • Windows laptops running OS 8.1 or newer
  • Windows all-in-one computers running OS 8.1 or newer
  • Quantities of working laptop parts, accessories & chargers

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CRC Privacy Statement - All information submitted on this online form is kept confidential. Information is only used to make the pickup. We do not sell customer information.

Business Computer Pick-up Information:

(Effective April 2023)

CRC Computer Recycling Center is a program of CRC Technology Lab CA.


How to Recycle Your Other Household or Business Electronics:

  • Most household electronic products without a screen (battery removed) can now be put in your (blue) recycling bin for curbside pickup. Check with your County’s Recycling Program managers to determine what options are available for you.
  • Most business electronic products can be recycled at your city or county recycling center, or landfill location.

Check your city’s or county’s online recycling resources on-line for detailed information.

Please Recycle responsibly and correctly. Know who you recycle with!


  1. There are NO PUBLIC DROP-OFF LOCATIONS at any CRC location.
  2. We ONLY Provide Pick-ups for Businesses
    – Option #1: FREE Business Pickup (see#3 below)
    – Option #2: Prepaid Shipping (contact us to set-up shipping for your donation – also see #4 below)
  3. In-State Pick-Ups: Our BUSINESS PICK-UP PROGRAM serves The San Francisco Bay Area and Sacramento Area daily, and other areas of CALIFORNIA by appointment.
  4. Out-Of-State Pick-Ups: We also make pick-ups outside California. Computer Donations resulting from pick-ups outside of California will be made to organizations within the state where the pickup was made.  Please message us if you are outside California.
  5. We are an essential business that provides: Refurbishment / Repair / Data Destruction / Asset Management and Computer Removal Services.
  6. Computer Data: All the data on all DRIVE(s) within a donated computer is completely OVERWRITTEN & DESTROYED
  7. Accessing Donated Computers: If we cannot access your device, it is not usable for REuse – we will use it for parts to repair other similar products if we can. If your device has been physically destroyed (for any reason) it is not usable for REuse. Please recycle these items using your county’s recycling program. Thank you for your understanding.
  8. Donated Computer Condition: ALL donated All-in-One Computers and Laptops MUST be 100% COMPLETE.
    Fully or partially STRIPPED Computers CANNOT be REUSED in our Donation/Placement program.
  9. Unusable Donated Computers: Any donated item that WE CANNOT USE in our programs WE TAKE TO a Recycling Center in your County (NO eWaste is sold or shipped out of CA or originating state of the computer donations)
  10. Household eWaste: We do NOT take HOUSEHOLD electronics, appliances, batteries or bulbs, CRT monitors, TVs, or broken/damaged flat screens. (no eWaste)
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