Data Destruction

DESTROY your HARDDRIVE DATA - WE SUGGEST THAT YOU WIPE YOUR HARD DRIVE. If we reuse your harddrive, we use DISK WIPE software to overwrite the HDD. All other harddrives will be shred for metals recycling.

Clean Off Your Files from your hard drive! If you remove the harddrive from your desktop or laptop, please remove the HDD cover and tray (laptops) from your drive and put it back on the laptop, AND, (desktops) please replace the rails and mounting hardware, tray, and cables in the computer. The way to destroy the data is to use a software utility program that OVERWRITES your data with random data [Zero's and One's - 0/1].

Type "data destruction software" into your internet search engine to find free one-time-use versions to run at home or in your office.

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