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Business Pickups

If you have all in one computers / laptops LESS THAN 10 YEARS OLD,  please request a business pickup with the "business pickup request" form.  Please fill out the business pickup request form and we will contact you within 4 business days of receiving it to confirm receipt, and to discuss scheduling a pickup.  Most business pickups of computers/laptops are FREE.

We no longer pickup copiers, printers, CRT TVs and CRT monitors, and any individual item over 50 lbs.  Please call a moving company to take these items to a material transfer station at a county landfill / Recycling center near you.

Please fill out the "business pickup request form and click to email, or print - fill in - and scan/email  "". We will contact you to coordinate a pickup date and details.

Your Computer Equipment may contain HAZARDOUS or TOXIC materials or batteries and IT IS ILLEGAL to trash electronics in dumpsters / garbage cans.

Business Pickup Request Form

Computer Recycling Center

Submit this form to request a business pickup for a quantity of computer equipment.


Print this form (click "Print This Page" instead of "Submit Request") and scan/email to

You can fill in the form in your browser before printing it.

This form for California only.

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Request Date: 06/9/23

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Copier, Printer or any item over 75 lbs.
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*Please be as exact as possible with your item quantities to
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Computers Qty PC Qty Mac

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Weights are approximate.

Peripherals Qty Weight    Qty Weight    Qty Weight
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Certificate of Destruction for data needed for computers?


Costs and fees are deductible as a business expense. Thank you for donating your equipment.

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